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Vission Eye Center's commitment to clinical excellence is lead by over 15,000 refractive treatments.

Cataract surgery

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diabetic retinopathy

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ARMD and Glaucoma Management

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Our team of specialist eye surgeons and ophthalmic doctors are qualified medical practitioners who have specialized in Ophthalmology, with many continuing to work in other fields of eye surgery.



Vision Correction

Retinal Detachment

Eye Injuries


Diabetic Retinopathy

Macular Degeneration

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One of the leading eye surgeons in Mumbai, Dr. Himanshu Mehta has provided hope and clear vision to many of his patients. In Mumbai, he has also proven to be eye surgeon of choice to big names in the industry. If you are looking to correct your vision, Dr. Himanshu Mehta is the eye surgeon you must visit.